Developmental editing—Feedback on structure, sequencing, pacing, consistency, and (in fiction) point of view, plot flow, character development, narrative arcs

Copy editing—Fine-tuning grammar, punctuation, syntax, overused language, spelling, and applying in-house and standard publishing styles

Proofreading—Review of text and format for final polish


Copy writing—Create new or updated marketing communications, including websites and print materials

Ghost writing—Get support meeting deadlines for blogs, articles, and books


Consulting—Self-publishing or traditional? Agent or not? Sometimes a few plain answers can help cut through the overwhelming clutter you'll find online. I also help new imprints build infrastructure as they evolve to protect and capitalize on investments of ideas, time, and hard costs. 

Production—In the endgame before publication, services include coordinating design, text formatting and layout review, and quality assurance on self-published books and marketing materials. 

My rates follow standard Editorial Freelancer Association recommendations.

"A colleague I highly respect recommended Jenefer as a developmental editor for my book...and what a solid referral it was! Jenefer not only edited my book, but really helped me realize the connections that were right in front of me that I was missing. Her insight and gentle nudging helped me explore and refine ideas that ultimately helped the book transform into a great piece of work! She was easy to work with, absolutely thorough in her editorial letters, and went above and beyond in creating a style sheet that I will continue to use for all my projects going forward. Jenefer rocks!"


—Rick Lozano, Acoustic Leadership


Words: A Love Story


I'm a word worshiper. A literary escape artist. Books were and are some of my best friends. But I was all the way through college before I had an inkling about how they were made. (Something to do with New York City, I gathered.) It took two masters' degrees and a Horn Book internship to embrace for my enduring love of children's books to empower me to translate it into work. I ended up in fabled NYC in the storied 90s, learning the children's publishing trade at Simon & Schuster by day, spending nights in my Washington Heights living-room-turned bedroom and later Williamsburg loft.


I discovered I love producing all kinds of content—for children, for adults, light, dark, literary, commercial, product to be sold, marketing materials. Anywhere I can work with words and people to create copy—and then make it better. That's the magic. 

I've done acquisitions and development for large traditional, small alternative publishers, and self-publishers. I've managed editorial for online content publishers and small presses. I've launched imprints and helped new publishers build their lists of titles. I've found I'm most attracted to uplifting projects, working with clients of all stripes on whatever they need to fulfill their dreams. Books. Websites. Blogs. Newsletters. Bring it.


Thanks for considering Passionfruit Projects. Visit my LinkedIn page for more details on my background and experience.


"I worked with Jenefer on a wonderfully complex book that required editorial expertise with text, photos, poetry, and more. She was not only highly knowledgeable in all those areas, but personable and flexible and enthusiastic. I'd work with her again on any project in any genre."


Judy Blankenship, project co-coordinator, Leavings; author of Cañar and Our House in the Clouds, coauthor of Tell Mother I’m in Paradise