Me—A writer and editor fueled by the fierce joy of finding the perfect word, turning a delicious phrase. I have a knack for divining what was meant and what's missing, for energizing writers, and generally living up to my karaoke diva nickname (it's a thing): The Jenerator.

You—An author, aspiring to develop and place a manuscript for publication? Or perhaps a thought leader, ready to self-publish a book to sell at speaking engagements? A business owner seeking crisp messaging and marketing materials? An academic? Whatever. I've got you.   



Fruitful editorial process requires alchemy and intuition. I see what you want to do and help you do it. 

Writers—Experts. Novices. Everyone produces better work with informed editorial feedback. Get your ideas down. Figure out where they belong. Troubleshoot pesky manuscripts. Discern whether your book belongs on the self-publishing or traditional track.


Businesses—Get experienced on-call editorial support to sharpen messaging and marketing communications. I also develop production schedules and strategies, and establish in-house style guidelines, and other infrastructure pieces as needed.  

Passionfruit Projects—I specialize in material intended to make the world

better, supporting content creators with my approach and skill set:

  • Bottomless enthusiasm for creating effective writing and great product

  • Current print and digital publishing practices and economies

  • Broad, deep knowledge of editorial conventions 


Drop me a line. I'd love to help.



Pleased to meet you. And eager to hear about your project! 


To get the ball rolling, send a short project description with desired turnaround. For book editing, I need to see a copy of the manuscript to complete a work estimate.

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